Our bakery at Saldamarco’s has a variety of fresh baked breads. A good Italian meal or sandwich could never be complete without a loaf of Italian bread. We have many types of fresh-baked breads baked on-premises in our stone oven. Whether to top off a great meal or to complete a sandwich, you’ll find a fresh loaf to suit your needs.

A very popular sort of Italian bread is called the Filone. It is an everyday type of bread using yeast that has a texture very similar to a French baguette. The Filone is what most think of at the mention of “Italian bread” and has several uses, from accompanying a meal to hosting a sandwich. The name of this type of bread comes from the Italian word “filo,” which has the meaning of “line.” Another very popular sort of Italian bread is Ciabatta, which is a white Italian bread made with wheat flour and yeast. It is primarily used in sandwiches such as those with pastrami or Paninis.

A bruschetta is another tasty treat which is made simply by toasting bread, coating it with olive oil, and preparing a basil and tomato mix to put on top. It can make a great healthy snack for kids or adults alike and replace less healthy alternatives like potato chips. It all starts with a fresh loaf of authentic Italian bread.