Deli Cheese

There are many different Italian cheeses for many different purposes. They are usually named for the region they come from and the animal they are made from. There are cheeses for use in pizza dishes, pasta dishes, for topping on any meal, or just for eating with some bread. You will find a cheese here at Saldamarco’s that will suit you.

One of the most versatile Italian cheeses is Provolone. It can be used for cooking, for grating over the top of meals, in sandwiches, or even in certain types of desserts. A type of Provolone called Dolce Provolone is even used as a table cheese. Everyone today knows about Mozzarella. A good Mozzarella will work as a great topping on a chicken parmigiana dish, an almost essential element in a pizza, or combined with basil, tomato, and olive oil to make an incredible and healthy snack.

There are also more specialized cheeses that are limited in their uses, but still delicious. Parmigiano is a hard cheese which is often matured for up to two years before it is sold; it is mostly used by grating ontop of a dish to add that extra something. Ricotta is a white, creamy, and mild cheese which is mostly used as an ingredient in lasagna or used as a stuffing. These are some of the more popular Italian cheeses but there are certainly others you’ll find at our deli.