What Italian restaurant would be complete without a selection of pizzas and calzones? Not this one, in any case. There are many different options from the very traditional pizzas to some much more contemporary specialties. Our pizzas are cooked in our in-house stone oven and come in 14 or 18 inch sizes. You can find out what our daily specials are by calling us at 860-669-3469.

The most basic of our specialty pizzas are the pizza sora (crushed imported plum tomatoes, pecorino romano, cheese, and fresh basil) and the traditional pizza (crushed imported plum tomatoes, whole milk mozzarella, and pecorino romano). But our menu is not limited to these traditional, though basic, options. We also have a range of traditional pizza toppings, as well as contemporary specialty pizzas like our barbeque chicken pizza (whole milk mozzarella, virgin olive oil, barbecue chicken, red onion, and pecorino romano) or our margherita pizza (fresh sliced tomato, extra virgin olive oil, whole milk mozzarella, fresh basil, garlic, and pecorino romano).

We also have what we call monster calzones, which like our pizzas come in either 14 or 18 inch sizes. All of our calzones are stuffed with liuzi ricotta, whole milk mozzarella, and pecorino romano. Any of our pizza toppings can be added into your calzone for a small fee. We are also available for deliveries.