Butcher Shop

At our butcher shop, we have many different cuts of different sorts of meat. From the expensive and elegant cuts of meat like filet mignon steaks and prime rib to the more everyday cuts like cube steaks and chicken breasts, you’ll find something to suit your meat-eating needs. Like having good produce and cheeses, meat is a very important part of making an Italian meal that will be memorable.

A hot and sweet Italian sausage like one made at Saldamarco’s can make a good sauce into a great sauce by transferring its flavor into the mixture. Or you could combine a good sauce, some good mozzarella and parmigiana, and a pounded chicken breast into a mouth-watering chicken parmigiana dinner. The possibilities of what you can do with a good piece of meat are virtually endless.

A good beef or pork roast is a good centerpiece for a dinner and not too expensive. Or if you have a real meat craving, you can satisfy it by buying a few steaks, from the more every day cube steaks to the mouth-watering filet mignon or New York strip cuts. Our meat cuts are butchered on-sight and have custom roasts available for your convenience.