At Saldamarco’s, we have a selection of various authentic Italian pastas and pasta meals. Pasta is arguably the backbone of any Italian meal and the quality and type of the pasta you get will definitely affect the quality of your meals. There are many, many different types of pastas, from short to long and egg to flour which are used in everything from lasagna and simple pasta and sauce meals to soups.

By far the most iconic long Italian pasta is spaghetti. It is used in simple pasta and sauce dinners. Ziti is also a long pasta and is incredible when mixed with a good sauce and cheese, baked or boiled. Short pastas can also be used in simple meals. Some of the more known short pasta variants are Rigatoni and Penne. Penne is often used in dishes with vodka-based sauces.

Then there are the long or flat pastas that are more commonly used in layered dishes such as lasagna. You can get dried pastas or fresh pastas. The advantage of fresh pasta is that it can be cooked many times faster than dried variants. Or you could let Saldamarco’s do the work for you and purchase one of our pre-made pasta dinners.